I Miss You

Design, Eating, Unicorns January 30, 2016

Dear Charlie,

While you’re on juice-adventure in Brazil, I struggle with my gräsänklig-het in Malmö. I date, break up, cook, crochet, and create these super-annoying blinking ads for my new job. Here is an update for you.


Mazily is awesome. It’s where I met my most long-lasting KK-s. I portray myself as bitter, ironic, sarcastic and hot. Which of course is false, since I’m more of a cuddler. But that, my friend, is the beauty of Mazily. You can be who you want to be.

linn på mazily



I’m cooking vietnamese. The flavor is so so, but – it looks amazing.


I’ve cooked fake pho with mushroom, fake banh mí with tofu and shiiate-wok which I’m not sure is vietnamese.


I’ve crochet a teddy bear. She is unfortunately going through something of a life-crisis, and is reaching out to other “individuals” in my household. It gets really awkward.


My job 

Finally, I am advancing at my job. I am so glad. I have been made “head of annoying blinking adds”. Like this one: (it is however not animated yet)


Also, I’ve advanced in the social hierarchy. I have made one (1) Facebook-friend and requested one (1) other. Also, I finally made it to the receiving end of the “cool youtubevideos about Jon Snow”-emaillist.

You can imagine my joy, Charlie. I almost cried and immediately opened the link (even though I was in a budget-meeting with my boss). It was so worth it.

Here is Jon Snow at dinner:

Inspired, I replied with a “Jon Snow hänger på våran Torsdagsfika”.


This is all from me for now. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Floripa. Please tell me the news.







Swanky red machine

Other June 23, 2015

dear Charlie,

I just wanna share this moment with you, seeing as it’s slightly overdue and, I’m sure, eagerly anticipated by all:

I’ve taken my swanky red hover on a premier run of the apartment! It roared, creating paths on my dusty (but nice) floors. 

Ehh but wait, you say, did you not move in 1st of December? Seven month ago? And this is your beloved hovers first run over the place? Har du inte dammsugit förräns nu?! You might even exclaim.

And that is when I give you a long stare, raised eye brows, and you realise it is YOU who is the cleaning freak, caught in societies absurd cleanliness ideals.

Or maybe I should just hover more often.

Anyway, hugs,


Ps: mmmm banana bread 


Lisbon and Banana pancake

Bröd, Eating June 23, 2015

hellu Charlie!

We’re going to Lisbon! It’ll be surf and chill and beer and Oi tudo bem and just awesome

I’m currently celebrating by eating Blueberry Banana Pancake with home made date syrup (<- THIS is btw my new favorite blog, I want to eat every thing she makes)

om nom nom  

It doesn’t look that good, don’t care, it’s good

Also I am making a vegan banana bread.


I lent the picture above and the recipe HERE

Another update!
The other day I hung out with this dude:

He’ll help me set up my panties business in Zürich (no not OINTB-style, not that kind of business, normal panties with built in fabric-pads like women everywhere been craving since the Big Bang). Also he’s joining us in Lisbon. He’ll stay in your room. Don’t mind the creepy face he’s making in the picture, he has other qualities.

We’ll stay at a really cool AirBnB (Lisbon is packed with them) and hopefully I can lure someone to stay in my place in Malmö while we’re there, so I won’t have to sing for money on the street to make ends meet.

See you soon,



Hanna is emigrating……

Other June 10, 2015

that’s sad!!!!! i mean, thats great. CONGRATULATION CANADA!!!!


[11:53 AM]

It’s a heavy sort of day – heavy head, heavy eyes, heavy breaths.
Like a dandelion on a very flimsy stem, a dazed bobble head.

It feels like thunder in the air.


I went to open an email from the CIC and…


seinfield happy dance

I may or may not be crying like a baby, laughing like a maniac and feeling like dancing down the street singing Christmas carols and making trumpet sounds. The head cold from Utgard is still alive and kicking, but my dandelion bobble head is now a fuzzily vibrating with a million happy thoughts.


Brb got to run upstairs and kiss the reason I’m in Canada in the first place and emit high pitched squeaky noises.



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Design, Unicorns May 24, 2015

dear Charlie,

Yesterday Måns-mums beat Russia and it may very well be the happiest day of our lives.
💪🏼🌈 [I am gonna ignore all rumors of him being a homophobe cause i think he’s hot and i just pray that the rumors are wrong]

Bild 2015-05-24 kl. 12.46 em #5

Anyway, I just wanted to share my new hair-color and my pug.




DIY GUIDE to Screen print on baby shirt!

Design, DIY May 22, 2015

dear Charlie,

Lately I have morphed from hip cool chilled out queer 20-something into a DIY//baking-obsessed pill-popping homeowner wannabe in her 30s.  I should really top this off with selling drugs, it would at least lend me some street cred. But no. Instead I will dig my hole even deeper, and present to you: A DIY-GUIDE FOR SCREEN PRINT ON A BABY-SHIRT.

[and I am not going to say that it was so easy because, no, it really was not, nor was it cheap, however, it did turn out really cool]
I followed this guide HERE, with a few tweaks.

You need:
Embroidery frame
Finmaskiga strumpbyxor i beige (small-meshed tights [according to google translate…..])
Waterproof pen
Decoupage glue
Fabric paint
Acryl paint
A fine brush
A not-so-fine brush
A baby shirt
A sponge (or a squeegee)

1. I bought my brodyr-ring (embroidery-frame) at second hand store for 5 kr, and painted the outline of my design with a waterproof pen, on an old pair of silk tights.

Blogg - 8

2. Then I painted the negative space with decoupage, (I bought my brush HERE 4kr) and let it rest for one night. I used a cheap (39kr) decoupage glue (instead of mod podge as suggested in the guide) which I bought in store HERE. 

Blogg - 9

3.  Trial and error. I tried it a few times before I applied it on the baby-shirt. I used Martha Steward “Fabric Medium”, 1/3, and 2/3 black akryl.

Blogg - 12

4. After trying to screen print with a squeegee with a very plump result, i finally gave up and used a sponge instead (which I got for free when I bought a “stamp pack” for 19 kr at TGR). My design was also not coming all through, so I filled in the corners with a narrow brush.

Blogg - 10

5. My screen. After my try-outs it was so filled with black paint that I had to wash it off with water. That worked just fine, it just had to dry a bit.

Blogg - 11

6. Put a piece of cardboard underneath the fabric, cause it goes right through. And then… Ka-boom! A result! Heat set before wash.

Blogg - 13

7. A tiny print for a tiny human being!

Blogg - 14

Take care,
Your DIY-Pinterest-craving monster,



Advice May 22, 2015

dear Charlie,

I need help! With my budget. My excel sheets are a mess. Please advice me.

budgets for dummies 2

Your dummy,


A Challange: Aprikos-bröd

Bröd May 21, 2015

Dear Charlie,

though I am not writing to you about it, i still bake.

This is a apricot-bread.

Here is the picture in the book. It is an expensive bread with apricots and walnuts. I took a budget-decision and used almonds instead.

Here is my bread. I stabbed it.

My bread didn’t have “orange” bits in it, but it was still really tasty.

Recipe can be found HERE.